Mercury Media’s Mission

The mission of Mercury Media & Entertainment is to combine exemplary corporate, non-profit, and regional public events that entertain and inspire guests, with effective public relations campaigns.

With full-service planning and execution of corporate events, Mercury’s intent is to lead the corporate client in presenting and positioning their company, its services or products, and its distinctiveness in the competitive marketplace, to existing and prospective clientele, with the objective of expanding its customer base.  This is typically accomplished in the form of an event at a unique and image-appropriate venue in conjunction with an effective public relations campaign.

Mercury’s expert team also organizes, promotes and executes complex regional events with multiple components. In so doing, Mercury identifies local or regional non-profit entities to which proceeds from such events are directed.  In keeping with Mercury’s ‘entertainment’ profile, each event has a prominent element of animation, excitement and public interest.  Whether an event is built around a live ‘Iron Chef’ culinary competition, or a 20-piece, 1940s World War II Big Band, Mercury Media & Entertainment’s mission is to leave patrons energized and excited at the end of a great evening, while leaving the client with more business.

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