There is nothing more precious to a small business owner than the relationships maintained with his clients.  My annual “client appreciation” event is geared toward thanking each client for the trust placed in me and my team.  In the past, I planned the event myself and the feedback from clients was tepid at best.  This year I took the enormous leap of faith and asked you to organize and execute the event knowing full well that the results would be a reflection of me, my staff and my firm.  You and your team far exceeded our expectation both before and during the event.  Clients continue to comment on the evening and ask when the next event is scheduled.

As I told our BNI group, I simply decided on a date, and you did the rest.  I had no idea that you mail “Save the Date” announcements, direct mailers, and press announcements, too.  Our clients were very impressed (as was I) to see that you personally responded to each RSVP.  This gave my clients confidence that our event would be well organized.

The chef you chose, who has appeared on Food Network, was superb.  My clients were impressed by her description of each dish at the microphone, and how she visited with all of the guests to answer questions.  Like you, she proved to be gregarious, knowledgable but also hard working and detail oriented.

The art gallery you chose as a venue was so colorful and allowed for the perfect flow for our crowd – not too big, not too small.  The jazz combo was terrific, and you even took the liberty to select the perfect musical accompaniment – I love Gershwinn!

Thank you so much for adding a message therapist at no charge to us, by the way.  It was a very nice ‘touch’ for our guests to be able to relax in a quiet room after our presentation.  Speaking of which – the presentation, that is – I was very pleased to have you announce me, mentioning my community involvement and personal attention to our clients.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to spread the word about your fine work.  I look forward to next year. — Richard M. Carr

Dear Domenic,
The comments we heard from our clients were wonderful!  The client appreciation wine education event that your firm did recently was a resounding success.

Your team suggested exclusive auction wines of high-ranking vintage and style; wines that are not common or able to be shopped by our clients.  This exclusivity reflected the very image our firm is known for – individualized service and above-board attention to our clients’ needs.

You and your staff are polished; you effectively positioned and presented Patriot Financial Group for exactly what it is – a unique, service-driven financial services provider.  In so doing, you treated our guests with exceptional white-glove service, attention to the smallest detail, and the utmost respect and consideration.  Moreover, the excellence and rarity of your wine selections reflected our image, and the strolling, educational, and interactive manner in which they were presented was very informative, but not obstructive.

Thanks for great event.  We look forward to working with you again in the near future. — Michael J. Lemay, Wealth Strategist of The Patriot Financial Group, LLC.

Dear Mercury Media & Entertainment,

On behalf of the Culinary Arts Department and its students, I would like to thank you for your donation of nearly $11,000 to our program as part of the Worcester’s Best Chef culinary competition which your company created.

I would also like to extend our appreciation for the very practical and instructional mentoring aspect of the program, during which the students shadowed each professional chef competitor in the kitchen and learned first-hand about actual, high-pressure culinary work, plating, presentation, and most importantly, how to maintain the highest level of quality while multi-tasking in an extremely challenging environment.

The event offered students another aspect of culinary education outside of school, and it gave them professional opportunities with established chefs from the American Culinary Federation who are also owners of fine dining establishments.  The students look forward to this event every year and they are so pleased to work alongside chefs like Paul Wilson of Pepper’s Fine Foods Caterers, Michael Giletto of Food Network’s ‘Chopped’, and William Nemeroff, of Cedar Street Restaurant, as well as the many other fine judges and chefs that participated.

Again, thank you for establishing this wonderful event and we look forward to participating again next year. — Kevin Layton, Culinary Arts Department, Worcester Technical High School

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